Turner Rowe Glass Art


Lampwork Glass Artist and Jewellery Designer

Turner Rowe Yarn Art

Having been a knitter since I was 5 years old, spinning my own yarn was the next logical step!

I buy raw fleece from farmers, wash it (do you know how much sheep smell!), process it, dye it process it some more, blend it and spin it!  

I use sheep fleece from a variety of breeds, including Merino, Gotland, Dorset and many more.  I also use fleece from goats, Llama and Alpaca.  In addition, I love to include silk, sparkly stuff, cotton, tencel...you get the idea!

I love to dye my own fibre and yarn.  I have a lot of fun mixing dyes and creating new effects.

I love to knit!  I use mix and match hand-spun for my free-form designs.  I also write my own patterns on occasion!

The design on the left was a fun project with dyed Teeswater and Wensleydale locks.

I usually have four or five projects on the go at the same time!

I sell my work in my Etsy shop and you can see the fibre, locks, yarn and knits at my studio.