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Atlantis mask


Hand sculpted in my studio on the Kent coast of the UK, I am working on a range ceramic and porcelain items of various sizes and subjects. This one was inspired by the ocean. I love the sea and it's inhabitants, real or mythical!


This face wall sculpture, was hand sculpted from clay, hand painted and glazed. I make my own glazes and enjoy developing textures as well as colours. I have finished this sculpture to resemble a sunken copper treasure, as I imagine it, laying on the sea bed for hundreds of years. It has a weathered verdigrs look. The sculpture is approximately 17 cms across and 25 cms tall. It has integrated supports on the backs with holes so that it can be hung with wire (already supplied with heavy duty stringing steel wire. It weighs approximately 1.5kg.


All creations are made by myself, in my studio on the Kent coast.

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