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Quotes I saw this on Mayday and absolutely fell in love with this Goddess. When she arrived she was even more stunning that the pictures showed and she feels amazing! Jo also put a loop through so that I can wear her. it's like having a minature grecian marble statue all of my own!!! The earth mother is with you Jo!!! Quotes
Hot Rockin Belle
Water Goddess

Quotes Jo, I just got my goddess today. She is absolutely stunning. You certainly put a lot of talent into your craft. Thank you so much on the speedy delivery. I have something special in mind for her, I'll send you an image when I'm finished. Also, I hope the Goddess Conference is going well. I'd like to hear more about it when you get back. Best Wishes, Shelby Quotes
S. Oertel
Goddess Bead

Quotes My goddess was custom made for me based on a paragraph I sent to Jo. It was comprised only of words and no photos. Once Jo completed the goddess, she sent us the photos and my boyfriend joked that I had sent nudie pictures because the form was so much just like me. Her translation was so purely perfect. We did wait a bit for the goddess to arrive to the US. The photos of Jo's creations are wonderful but nothing can compare to the delicacy and pure art form of her work when you hold your treasure in your hand. My goddess is exquisite. She has already worked some magic in our lives. Later into the evening after receiving her - my boyfriend proposed. Thank you so much Jo for being a memorable part of our love process. On my wedding day, she will be around my neck. We'll send photos. You are a force of nature, with great admiration, Brenda Quotes
B. Dismond
Goddess Commission

Quotes Thank you so much for such an enjoyable and informative day, I feel that I have learnt enough to be inspired to take on the challenge of lamp worked glass... Quotes
S. Ruston
Lampwork Tuition

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