Turner Rowe Glass Art


Lampwork Glass Artist and Jewellery Designer

Turner Rowe Glass Art for one of a kind beads, bowls and ard jewellery...

My name is Jo Turner and I am a lampwork glass artist and glass art jewellery designer.  I live by the sea and my studio is based in Birchington, Kent at Quex Park Craft Village.


I use the ancient art of lampworking (some call it flame-work) to produce many different types of bead, which can incorporate a variety of materials, including fine silver wire and silver leaf, copper and brass. Glass rods are melted using a specially designed dual-fuel blowtorch and turned into gorgeous glass creations! Each lampwork glass bead used in my designs is made by myself.

Each of my beads are one of a kind. You will not find either the beads or jewellery  items identical to them anywhere. I began to make my own glass and silver beads because I became disillusioned with the mass produced items on the market for sale. Each of my beads has been carefully crafted, using the highest quality glass and materials, together with various different lampworking techniques to create different effects in the beads. You can rest assured that time, effort and care have been put into creating unique, unusual and beautiful additions to your bead or jewellery collection.

All of my pieces are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln to eliminate stress that is introduced into the glass during the making process, and to ensure the bead is strong and durable. Beads that are not kiln annealed are more prone to breaking.  After they are annealed, I clean each bead of the clay-like substance that is used to coat the mandrels they are made on. Each bead is then carefully checked before being strung as art jewellery or placed for sale.  The art jewellery pieces are inspired by a wide variety of things but the coast and organic shapes and colours predominate!

I also make kiln-formed glass art, including unique bowls, platters and wall art and ceramics.  You can find many of my creations in my Etsy shop.  You can also buy directly from me by visiting my studio or via Facebook.

Some of my glass creations!

You can find my studio on the Kent Coast, detailed directions for road, rail and bus can be at Quex Park Craft Village.

Quex Park, Park Lane, Birchington, Kent CT7 0BH

To see my creations still warm from the kiln, visit my Facebook Page